Mounted Wrap:

We print photos on the best painter's canvas available in the market. All photos on canvas prints are hand stretched over 1 or 1.5 inch deep high quality wooden frame to eliminate chances of warping. Corner wedges ensure a perfect stretch for the life of the print, with other options of framing available.


Split Frames:

“Split Canvases are a great way of having your pictures enlarged
and presented in style. Give your lounge a new life….
with a Split Canvas.”

Traditionally Split Frame Pictures were hinged together as alter decorations that folded away and were opened on special occasions. Today, they are more commonly a series of canvases mounted next to each other on your wall. For Split Frame Pictures we generally partition your single image over several panels.

*Other Customized frames are available on request.

Acrylic Glass Material & Quality
Nature photographs on acrylic glass – the perfect image carrier.
Acrylic is ideal for photo printing. The acrylic photo due to its high-gloss surface is not only a hip trend product; acrylic is easy to care for its material properties, shatterproof, extremely strong and durable. In addition to the weight advantage, these are the reasons why classic acrylic glass replaced in more and more application areas.  This lies on the plane, non-porous surface which allows the high-resolution direct printing only. Acrylic is not only transparent; it transmits light even better than normal mineral glass. And during normal print materials the color white represents the printing medium, in the acrylic pressure, the white color as white printed layer because the acrylic glass is colorless.


Nature photographs on Eco-Solvent Vinyl Paper – the perfect substitute for wall painting.

Customize your house walls, office walls with live and bright graphics with special Wall Vinyl which lasts up to 5 years and safe for kids and non-toxic prints. If you're looking for a unique way to express your individual taste and personality there is no better way to decorate than by using wallpaper. You can take a simple room and make it look stunning and completely different in just a few short hours. You can wallpaper an entire room, or just a portion of the room.
When you use wallpaper you can also hide the conditions of existing walls that have cracks or other flaws. Wallpaper can take a room from boring to spectacular in a way that paint and other decorating techniques can't do. Wallpaper can make a room look bigger or smaller, which is another way that you can change the functionality of the roomWall_Paper